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In 1995, MLA Tarnek Peta made an official record of a meeting with the Engineering District on the Electric Cog railway. The meeting was done by chance and Peta was asked what he would recommend for the abandoned railway for new economic development. Peta said he would like to see the section of it that is still in the loop area be converted into a high speed commercial transit line to the Manitowoc County towns of Ithaca, Oatmead, and Warm Springs. When asked why the MLP sold its rights to the Broadman and Eagle Cog Intermodal Transportation District (Cohen racing golf course and Grand Prix racing are also nearby) and turned it over to this new tram owner, Peta stated that MLRP provided the Eagles with a 35 year lease at a lower rate than the Miller family, that the EAGLE spent money to improve the track, and that it was a positive step for the entire portion of the Broadway Manitue. This was not true, however. MLRT originally owned the area along Broadmont Road from 1994 until it sol

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